You might have seen my tarot card work around recently. Around a year ago, I got approval from Mortis Ghost for my friend and I to make a OFF-themed Major Arcana set. We were a little short on money and had planned to sell prints of the decks. Major Arcana’s only 20something cards - so 10 good-looking cards a person; we thought it wouldn’t be that hard.

Fast forward a year later, she’s dropped the project and I decide to add the Minor Arcana. I’ve only got a handful of cards done. I look around the fandom and see a lot of talent. And I realized, it’d be selfish for me to make a card deck that would represent OFF, the game and the fandom, all by myself.  

I cannot do this all on my own. So I am turning this from a personal project to a fandom project.

The goal is no longer to make money. Instead, it is to create a high-quality deck that is truly worthy of the game and the fandom.

If you’re interested, apply here:

I will review applications and send further messages to those who have been chosen approximately 1 week after their individual signups.

Hey guys!

Still into OFF?

Come help do this with meeee e ve

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